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Tucked away in the meandering residential roads of Pickerington, Meadowmoore is mostly made up of expansive, estate-style homes above the $400k range. One of the biggest perks of living in Meadowmoore? The convenient location. With I-70 just a few minutes away, the neighborhood makes navigating the area quick and simple!

Selling your home can be a big decision, but if you're looking to list your Meadowmoore home, then there's never been a better time than now! With the supply of houses lower than usual and the demand from buyers higher, the conditions are prime for a profitable sellers' market. Make a profit on your investment, and use a few of our resources to make your selling journey simple and stress-free. 

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What's My Meadowmoore Home Worth?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during your home sale is listing at the wrong price. Too high, too low—it's easy to miss out on finding that sweet spot in the middle. Luckily, the Schaffer Team can help. With our home value estimator, we'll take into account local and national market trends, what similar homes in your neighborhood have sold for, and any recent updates or repairs that you've made. Once we've crunched the numbers, we'll get back to you with a competitive listing price, ASAP! 

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